Proprietor Of Afghan Kebab

Country of origin: AFGHANISTAN

Rahmatullah was born and raised in Qrabargh Ghazni, Afghanistan, in a village that he describes as being “full of love”. Growing up in a farming family, Rahmatullah studied hard to become a software engineer. As the conflict escalated, he had no choice but to seek refuge.

Leaving his family at 22 without knowing where his destination would be was heartbreaking. But he knew he had to do it or his life would be at risk. After spending 20 months in detention and 6 months in community detention, Rahmatullah worked for a few years as a carer with other refugees and asylum seekers, helping unaccompanied minors.

Today Rahmatullah runs his own take-away restaurant in Cambellfield, serving Afghan cuisine. Many of the children he had worked with earlier come and visit him in the shop. He loves the Australian National Anthem.