Dentist / Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Country of origin: VIETNAM

Fern was among millions of South Vietnamese families who fled after the Fall of Saigon in 1979. At sea, they were twice robbed by pirates who stole their meager possessions, their water and their boat engine leaving them close to despair.

After 10 months in refugee camps, Fern’s family were settled in Port Pirie in South Australia. In spite of their own struggles, the family donated money to the church collection each week to help the poor in their diocese. As an example to her four younger siblings, Fern would sacrifice birthday parties and her school holidays to help her parents sew shoulder pads into garments. While diligently pursuing a medical career, she dreamed of a future where unconditional love and the freedom to choose, could allow her to nurture the development of empowered women.

Now a new mother, Fern is also the principal of an all female dental team that embodies these values. Her practice supports refugee playgroups in oral health, as well as supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre with dental supplies.